Ya´Far’s house in Madinat Al-Zahra

The restoration works carried out on the stacks of materials spread over the site have made it possible to recompose more than 120 marble slabs and about 50 of violet limestone, some of which...

Córdoba / Córdoba / Andalucía.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2004

Restoration of the Batlló House

Since its acquisition by the last owners, the Casa Batlló, a UNESCO world heritage site since 2005, has been restoring and opening up different spaces and floors to the public until making one of...

Barcelona / Barcelona / Cataluña.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2004

Museum of the roman villas of Almenara-Puras

Restoration work in the town, discovered in 1887, brought to light hundreds of metres of high-quality mosaics, which can be visited today thanks to modern museography.

Puras / Valladolid / Castilla y León.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2004

Master plan for the walls of Ibiza

The walls of Ibiza are testimony to the most advanced engineering of the Renaissance and as such, contributed to the inclusion of the island in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Ibiza / Islas Baleares / Islas Baleares.
Award in the Category Investigation in the year 2004

Greenways programme for the Spanish Railway Foundation

More than 1,200 kilometres of Greenways in operation and fifty stations recovered until 2004 attest the size and success of the Greenways programme of the Ferrocarriles Españoles Foundation.

/ / National scope.
Award in the Category Dedicated service in the year 2004