The heritage of the Haciendas de Argual y Tazacorte

Both the collection and distribution of water and the conservation of the ecosystem have been the two axes on which the activity of this group has evolved since its constitution. That has generated an...

Tazacorte / Santa Cruz de Tenerife / Canarias.
Award in the Category Dedicated service in the year 2018

Restoration of the plateresque façade of the San Ildefonso University Student Residence Hall

The jury has highlighted the pedagogical component of the conservation process, that was used and exploited as a tool for interpreting this intervention.

Alcalá de Henares / Madrid / Comunidad de Madrid.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2018

Intimate Sorolla. Sketches “Vision of Spain”

The exhibition Intimate Sorolla, sketches from “Vision of Spain” allowed us to show both Sorolla's creative process, through his sketches, and the complex restoration intervention carried out by IVCR + i professionals who used...

Valencia / Valencia / Comunidad Valenciana.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2018