Restoration of the oratory of the Partal Palace and the House of Astasio de Bracamonte in The Alhambra

The respectful and thorough intervention undertaken, opening up new opportunities to understand traditional Hispano-Muslim building techniques.

Granada / Granada / Andalucía.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2019

Preliminary studies and research on the methodology of intervention on the Portada dels Apostols of the Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor in Morella

The successful results of the study have permitted its application in situ on the façade, and serve as the basis for subsequent interventions on other monuments presenting similar conservation problems.

Morella / Castellón / Comunidad Valenciana.
Award in the Category Investigation in the year 2019

National Network of Traditional Construction Masters

More than 1900 professionals have been evaluated, of which 375 have passed the selection process before their profile is included in the web directory database.

/ / National scope.
Award in the Category Education, training and awareness-raising in the year 2019

Lithica – Quarry of s’Hostal, from a forgotten landscape to a living heritage

The most recent projects have been the creation of a large mineral labyrinth and another of aromatic plants in 2014, as well as adapting in 2018 an interior path system of the Labyrinth of...

Ciudadela de Menorca / Islas Baleares / Islas Baleares.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2019

Conservation and restoration of the Pórtico de la Gloria

The Pórtico de la Gloria is one of the most significant monuments, both sculptural and architectural, of all the European Romanesque. This is due both to the quality and scale of the sculptural ensemble...

Santiago de Compostela / La Coruña / Galicia.
Award in the Category Conservation in the year 2019