Auschwitz. Not a long time ago. Not too far.

Dating of the building: Siglo XX.

Reason for the award :

The jury considered that the exhibition opens a platform that will enhance knowledge, as well as the recovery of material and documentation on the Holocaust. This successful exhibition model allows us to recreate the emotional experience of an authentic visit to Auschwitz thanks, in part, to the richness of its content.

This type of initiative allows the general public, particularly students, to learn about one of the darkest realities of the tortured twentieth century.

The exhibition has been the result of the collaboration between two entities: Musealia and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, with the partnership of more than twenty museums and institutions. The latter include the Weiner Holocaust Library in London, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, and the Sachsenhausen Memorial.

The wealth of the exhibition, with more than 700 original objects, has made it possible to publicize the history of the largest Nazi concentration and extermination camp to more than 600,000 visitors in Madrid alone. Responding to the lack of knowledge about the Holocaust, as well as revisionism, nationalism, and xenophobia is one of the reasons for this long-range project. During its stay in Madrid, the exhibition was complemented by an educational agenda in which Holocaust experts and survivors participated.

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