Caja Madrid Foundation

Medal/Award in the category Dedicated service in the year 2006.

Dating of the building: 1991-2015.

Applicant: Spanish Association of Cultural Heritage Managers.

Reason for the award :

For the impeccable scientific rigor and the development of a very suitable methodology for the conservation of built heritage throughout Spain.

The Caja Madrid Foundation, today called Montemadrid, has been one of the main motors of private non-profit financing for heritage restoration projects in our country since its foundation.

Since its creation in 1991, the Caja Madrid Foundation, today called Montemadrid, is one of the private non-profit Spanish entities that devotes the most part of its efforts to the conservation of the historical heritage. This foundation, apart from easing the lack of finance for the Spanish historical heritage, seeks to solve structural and managerial problems that affect the conservation of our heritage. For this reason, the foundation itself promotes and directs most of the restoration projects. It has gradually developed and consolidated an intervention method based on three pillars: technical and economic collaboration with public administrations, the scientific rigor of the projects, and the consideration of the communication and diffusion of the monument’s values ​​and the process followed for its conservation.

More than 200 projects and works of monumental restoration were carried out throughout Spain; among these the most outstanding are: the cultural project of restoration of the façade and bell-ringer house of the Cathedral of Pamplona, ​​the façade of San Pablo de Valladolid, the Master Plan of the Tuy Cathedral, the walls of Ávila and Toledo, the aqueduct of Segovia or the Santa Cueva de Cádiz.

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