Cover for the ruins of the Monastery of San Juan

Grand Prix, Medal/Award in the category Conservation in the year 2017.

Dating of the building: 11th - 16th century.

Applicant: Jose Manuel Barrio Eguíluz.

Reason for the award :

This project has presented an innovative approach to repurposing a major ruin and has revitalized the space for community use through public and private museum events. This high-quality work is of an elegant design and is in no way intended to replicate previous performances. The solution is not invasive but offers adequate protection.

The project has respected the remains of the monastery, protecting them from the extreme climate of Burgos employing a modern wooden structure that also improves the quality of visits.

The monastery of San Juan de Burgos was built in the 11th century and was, since its inception, a landmark for pilgrims who visited it on their long walk to Santiago de Compostela. As a result of multiple devastating incidents, including a bombardment during the Napoleonic wars, the nave´s roof completely disappeared.

The intervention consisted of the construction of a modern roof that occupies the entire space of what was once the three naves of the church. The well designed cover, seems to float over the ruin as an independent structure, thus avoiding altering the original architectural remains. The new roof, in addition to ensuring the consolidation of the building and protecting the remains, serves to house a 1,300m² multipurpose cultural space.

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