Five buildings for public use in the natural park of Sierra Nevada

Postero Alto, Puerto de la Ragua, Laroles, El Dorado y Ubeire, Almería, Granada, Andalucía.

Dating of the building: 1994-1995.

Applicant: Director of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

Reason for the award :

For the works carried out in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park for the Ministry of Environment, conscientiously integrated into the landscape, restoring the traditional architectural style.

Europa Nostra awarded the administration’s effort to facilitate rural tourism in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, one of the few Biosphere Reserve sites in our country.

The Sierra Nevada Natural Park is one of the few Spanish territories in the Biosphere Reserve category. Its great diversity of landscapes, fauna, and flora spreads over one hundred and fifty towns in Almería and Granada. Europa Nostra decided to reward the efforts made by the administration to provide the park with infrastructure and equipment. It consists of three shelters and two information centres, built with autochthonous materials aimed at preserving the traditional architecture of the area and its integration with the landscape. The most outstanding works are the Postero Alto and Ubeire park shelters.The former, located on Mount Picón de Jeres, at an altitude of more than three thousand meters, uses solar and wind energy. The latter, a farmhouse,  was designed and restored by the architect Eduardo Canal with capacity for thirty mountaineers.

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