Greenways programme for the Spanish Railway Foundation

Medal/Award in the category Dedicated service in the year 2004.

Dating of the building: 1993-2015.

Applicant: RENFE.

Reason for the award :

For the recovery of a vast network of abandoned railways and the development of cycling and hiking routes, which offer tangible economic and social benefits, increase quality of life, and serve as an example for other countries.

More than 1,200 kilometres of Greenways in operation and fifty stations recovered until 2004 attest the size and success of the Greenways programme of the Ferrocarriles Españoles Foundation.

In Spain, in 1993, there were more than 7,600 kilometres of railway lines that no longer had train service or never did because construction works were never finished.

Since that year, these old railway lines have been adapted to travelling for cyclists, walkers, and people with reduced mobility. The objectives of the Greenways are to preserve, improve and reuse the railway heritage that had become obsolete, maintain public domain over these assets and satisfy the growing demand of society for safe and accessible spaces to get closer to nature and practice active and healthy leisure. For this reason, the Federation of Spanish Railways prepared a detailed inventory of disused railway lines on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Environment (MOPTMA), Renfe, and Feve (national public railway companies), with the collaboration of more than 1,000 municipalities. Around 7,600 kilometres of out-of-service railways were listed, most of them publicly owned, which included 954 stations, 1,070 bridges and viaducts, and 501 tunnels. In 2004 there were already 1,200 kilometres of Greenways in operation, and another 350 new kilometres under construction, with more than 50 stations rehabilitated and used for different purposes.

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