National Paradores de Turismo

Dating of the building: Various.

Applicant: State Secretary for Tourism.

Reason for the award :

For the restoration of old buildings and their conversion into national inns in Spain.

The Paradores formula has been copied in other countries as a management model that preserves the historical-cultural heritage.

The network of Paradores de Turismo constitutes the most original and effective contribution that Spain has created to solve the problems of the hotel industry in cities and places that, due to their location, or other reasons, would not offer this service.

Since the foundation of the first one in 1928 in Gredos, the Paradores have served to save many historical-artistic buildings that otherwise would have been lost forever. Abandoned castles, monasteries, palaces, hospitals, and convents together with other newly-built inns, located where there were no unique buildings to save, or where natural landscapes demanded high-standard hotel offer.

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