Pilar Tormo Martín de Vidales

Special mention / Diploma in the category Dedicated service in the year 2012.

Dating of the building: 1977 - 2012.

Applicant: Amador Valdés López.

Reason for the award :

The Jury wanted to recognize a long personal career that began in the Cultural Association Montes de Toledo and, later, in the Friends of Islamic Toledo, constantly contributing to the dissemination of the heritage corresponding to that historical period.

Since 1977, Pilar Tormo has dedicated all her efforts to protect Toledo’s rich heritage through the altruistic work of the Friends of Islamic Toledo and Urbs Regia foundations.

Pilar Tormo’s personal involvement with the defense of heritage began in 1977 with the founding of the Los Montes de Toledo Association, a member of Hispania Nostra, where she worked for the defense of intangible heritage such as folklore and gastronomy. In 1995, coinciding with the approaching millennium of the construction of the Cristo de la Luz Mosque, a paradigm of Hispano-Muslim Toledo, and especially distressed by the destruction of buildings with medieval Islamic remains, Mrs. Tormo promoted the founding of the Amigos of the Islamic Toledo Association, intending to activate educational campaigns, with the collaboration of the best Spanish and European experts, to sensitize citizens of the importance of a heritage threatened with disappearance. The organization of an international conference and various exhibitions, the edition of a biannual magazine, publications, and articles, among many other activities have managed to make the inhabitants of Toledo aware of the wealth of Islamic architectural remains, and the need to value and protect them.

In 2007, Mrs. Tormo led the defense of the Vega Baja, where real estate pressure threatened to destroy the archaeological site of the old Visigothic capital of Hispania. For this purpose, she founded the association Urbs Regia, which ensures the protection of this heritage. The association aims to disseminate a cultural itinerary that integrates the heritage, bequeathed by Franks and Visigoths, especially valuing the Europa Nostra award, the European projection of this activity.

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