Rehabilitation of Botines’ house by Antonio Gaudí

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1998.

Dating of the building: 1892.

Applicant: Caja España de Inversiones.

Reason for the award :

For its recovery through a rehabilitation and reconditioning programme that rescued the original and aesthetic style projected by Gaudí.

Cleaning the façade, general sanitation, and conversion of the attics into a spacious boardroom are some of the projects in one of the few works by the best-known Spanish architect outside of Catalonia.

The province of León has the singular privilege of having two works signed by Antoni Gaudí, the best-known Spanish architect. The first is the episcopal palace of Astorga, and the second, built later, is Botines’ House, in the city of León. Botines’ House was first thought of as a commercial building with apartments on the upper floors. Gaudí was inspired by the Gothic code, noticeable in the towers, the tracery of the lower windows, the sculpture of Saint George and the dragon that hangs over the entrance portal.  The decision for the last restoration responded to the desire to recover the purity of the original palace, getting rid of other reforms and remodelings. The caretaker’s dwelling and the attics were converted into a large board-room for the proprietors.

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