Rehabilitation of the fortress

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1999.

Dating of the building: 1497.

Applicant: Salvador Moreno Peralta.

Reason for the award :

For the city's commitment to the conservation and enhancement of the oldest of its heritages, while it is intended to facilitate its social use, without detracting from its monumental value.

The restoration and conservation works of the fortified areas of Melilla have allowed it not only to recover the greatness of one of the best examples of defensive architecture on the Mediterranean but also to integrate it as an active and dynamic part of the city.

The fortified enclosures of Melilla are one of the best examples of defensive architecture in the Mediterranean, along with those of Peñíscola, Valletta in Malta, and the Italian ones of Otranto, Bari, or Porto Ferraio. The city has four fortified enclosures, built after Spanish occupation in 1497, which close in the historic centre. All of them are testimony of the different schools of the art of fortification over five centuries, a rich sample of chronological superposition.

The approval of PERI, the Special Rehabilitation Plan for the Precincts, gave rise to a long process of action. This was done with funds from the European Union, the Ministry of Culture, and the Autonomous City. The funds have been invested both in the architectural restoration and maintenance of the enclosures, as well as in the promotion of new uses and activities, aimed at revaluing the heritage and revitalizing the old wall as an active part of the city of Melilla.

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