Rehabilitation of the Historical Centre of Madrid

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1998.

Dating of the building: 16th - 20th century.

Applicant: Municipal Housing Company of Madrid.

Reason for the award :

As an example of joint action by public administrations: Ministry of Public Works, Community of Madrid and Madrid City Hall; of the private initiative: owners or communities of owners with the participation of district associations and merchants, and the support of credit institutions and European funds.

Three public administrations and several private foundations have promoted the rehabilitation of the main streets and squares of Madrid of the Habsburgs, facilitating the mobility of pedestrians and promoting a more friendly image of the capital.

Starting in the 20th century the big cities have been suffering decline caused by pollution and the uncontrolled growth of the car fleet. The city of Madrid had seen how this environmental deterioration had had a very negative impact on its buildings and monuments. The historic centre of the city, also known as Madrid of the Habsburgs has not been an exception. The area of ​​approximately 400 hectares is located around the Royal Palace, the church of San Francisco el Grande and the Plaza Mayor. Three public administrations and several private foundations joined forces to improve the urban image of the capital of Spain. This work was carried out, among others, by the City Council and the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Public Works, and the European Union through ERDF funds since 1994. They had the collaboration of the Municipal Housing Entity that managed free subsidies for up to seventy percent for the rehabilitation of the facades of private buildings. Work started on those of special historical significance, such as squares: Mayor, Dos de Mayo, Carros, Paja, and Alamillo, and streets: Mayor, Fuencarral, Lavapiés. Apart from the monumental embellishment, some streets have been pedestrianized and widened, making the old town a friendlier place for pedestrians and tourists.

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