Rehabilitation of the palace of Argensola

Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Aragón.
Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1991.

Dating of the building: 16th century.

Applicant: Fernando Aguerri Martínez.

Reason for the award :

For the recovery of a historic building restoring its original elements and not destroying subsequent works that contributed to the architectural culture and improved the building.

The residents of the Argenosola Palace were evicted because of demolition plans, finally paralyzed by its insertion in the catalogue of historical-artistic monuments at the request of the College of Architects of Zaragoza.

Argensola is one of the many Renaissance palaces that flourished in Zaragoza when new streets were constructed in the constricted medieval quarter. Its name comes from Lupercio Leonardo Argensola (1559-1613), humanist and secretary to Mary of Habsburg, who lived there. It unites the characteristics of Aragonese palatial architecture, with its exposed brick façade topped by a gallery, now heavily renovated, and carved wooden eaves with a large cantilever, as well as the central patio, popularly known as the moon, on which the building is constructed.

In 1982 the building was declared ruinous and vacated. Thanks to the intervention of the College of Architects of Zaragoza the building was included in the catalogue of historical-artistic monuments and the demolition was stopped. The restoration works sought to maintain the historical elements of the first palace while adapting it for residential purposes.

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