Rehabilitation of the Trinitarios descalzos church in Baeza

Baeza, Jaén, Andalucía.

Dating of the building: 1745.

Applicant: Baeza Town Hall.

Reason for the award :

For the careful restoration of the church, including the replacement of the previously collapsed vault, and its conversion into a modern auditorium.

A modern wooden vault covers the nave of a church that has been transformed into a modern public assembly hall, safeguarding, above all, the original spirit of the building.

Los Trinitarios Descalzos church is one of the many places of artistic interest in Baeza, a town with a cathedral, four churches, three convents, walls with entrance gates, and numerous monumental civil buildings. Unlike many of them, this church was greatly affected by the 1836 confiscation of Mendizábal. Thanks to the revolt of its inhabitants, the building erected in 1745, was saved from demolition. No longer in cult, it became the property of the Town Hall that left it in a state of abandonment.

Europa Nostra awarded the task of converting a church into a modern public assembly hall. The numerous improvement works consisted in the restoration of the exterior masonry and that of all the interior stucco, as well as the elaboration of a modern wooden vault for the nave. The result was the successful combination of the modern architectural elements, such as the vault, and the ancient, preserving the original spirit of the church.

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