Renovation of building annexed to the House of Commons

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1986.

Dating of the building: 1918.

Applicant: Mariano Bayón Álvarez.

Reason for the award :

For the extension of the headquarters of the House of Commons, preserving the original façade of an adjacent historic building.

The renovation works of this historic property consisted in the recovery of the 1918 façade and the reform of its interior to adapt it to the needs of the neighboring House of Commons.

The objective of the renovation of the building with its neo-baroque façade (1918) was to incorporate the expansion needs of the neighboring House of Commons.  The property, in a dilapidated state, was not demolished because it was registered in the monumental historical catalogue of the Madrid City Council. The reform was completed, preserving only the façade demolishing the entire interior. Plans were drawn up to convert the building to its new function. The new design included a new floor, rooms, offices, meeting rooms, library, cafeteria, and other services. The result was a combination of an early 20th century façade and modern design interior.

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