Restoration and recovery of the historical garden of “El Capricho”

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 2001.

Dating of the building: 18th century.

Applicant: Madrid City Council.

Reason for the award :

For the careful restoration of this prestigious private garden and many of the architectural elements that are part of it.

The recovery works of the historic garden of the Alameda de Osuna were developed in two phases over fifteen years, always respecting the general plan of the National Geographic Institute of 1870.

In 1783 the Dukes of Osuna bought an estate located in the district of Alameda. On it, they built the current palace and created most of the landscaping. The property, which remained in the hands of the noble family until 1882, was declared a historical-artistic monument in 1934. During the Civil War, it was converted into Army Headquarters and only passed into the hands of the Madrid City Council in 1974.

The first phase of the recovery that led to the Europa Nostra award began in 1986 with a school/workshop, aimed at improving the gardens, and with the compilation of written and graphic documents on their history. The first consolidation of the buildings on the estate was also carried out. The historical plan of the National Geographic Institute of 1870, the work of Juan Gutiérrez, was taken into account at all times, as well as the few existing period photographs. The second phase of the works took place between 1999 and 2001. During these years, automatic irrigation was installed, and the Casa de Cañas was restored, where the cladding of the façade and the interior wall paintings were repaired, as well as the constructions of Abejero, Casino de Baile, and chapel.

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