Restoration and rehabilitation of the Torre de Mens castle

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1993.

Dating of the building: 11th -12th century.

Applicant: Agustín Ordóñez Armán.

Reason for the award :

In recognition of the exceptional restoration work carried out by its owners.

Europa Nostra awarded the restoration of a fortress whose origins are lost in time, carried out by an owner who adapted it as a second residence.

The castle of Torre de Mens is a small circular fortified building, with three defense towers and an old manor house attached to one of them. Rebuilt in the 15th century, there are indications that it stands on a Roman castellum, where previously there was a Celtic fort. The small fortress was last purchased in 1988 by an owner who decided to restore it as a dwelling. The work began by removing debris and cleaning the accumulated undergrowth of decades, a task of particular complexity due to the impossibility of introducing machinery through the medieval-era pointed door. Later on, the replacement of stonework and the reconstruction of the walls and the perimeter walkway, as well as the towers, were carried out. The housing area was also fully equipped as a second dwelling.

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