Restoration of a palatial house from the 15th century

Medal/Award in the category Conservation in the year 1991.

Dating of the building: 15th century.

Applicant: Joaquín Serra Belda, María Isabel de Alzaga.

Reason for the award :

For the restoration of a valuable example of a 15th-century palatial house, of which there were many in Valencia then and are so rare today.

The palace house in the Plaza de San Luis Bertrán, fully restored by its owners, is an excellent example of a 15th-century Catalan-Aragonese palace.

The city of Valencia replaced Barcelona as the first commercial port of the Crown of Aragon in the 15th century. This economic strength gave rise to a wealthy mercantile bourgeoisie, whose new prominence is reflected in the Catalan-Aragonese-style palace-houses built in this period. Characteristic of these buildings is a patio that opens onto the street giving access to a cantilevered staircase that connects the upper and noble floor. The Picasso and Textile museums in Barcelona are examples of this style.

The house in the Plaza de San Luis Bertrán, near the cathedral, was originally built at the end of the 15th century in this style, but later extended between the 17th and 19th centuries. The deterioration of many buildings in the Carmen neighbourhood also included this palace, declared a National Monument in 1966. The restoration work, carried out by its owners, began in 1974 and continued, due to financial difficulties, until 1987 The works directed by Joaquín Ros and Ramis, an expert in Catalan-Aragonese Gothic architecture, set out to strengthen the foundation, rebuild its rear façade, recover its coffered ceilings converting it into a residence.

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