Restoration of Cine Doré

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1989.

Dating of the building: 1912.

Applicant: Javier Feduchi.

Reason for the award :

For its meticulous restoration of one of the city's historic venues, and its transformation into the Spanish Film Library.

The restoration of this old cinema not only endowed Madrid with a new National Film Library but also contributed enormously to rehabilitating an area, Antón Martín, very degraded in the capital.

The Doré cinema is the oldest cinematographic projection hall in Madrid. The building, constructed in 1912, stands out for its façade where elements of the Baroque and Art Noveau coexist in strange harmony. Its decline reached its peak in 1963, becoming  a seedy den, on the verge of demolition.

The City Council put a Preservation Act on it and, consequently, it was acquired and restored as the headquarters of the National Film Library. The works, which lasted four years from 1984, saved the iron architecture of the lobby and kept the old furniture, also providing the cinema with a second hall, cafeteria and bookstore. The restoration of this old cinema contributed enormously to revitalize an area of ​​Madrid, Antón Martín, which until then had been very degraded.

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