Restoration of the Casa del Comú, Court of Justice and Prison in Morella

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1997.

Dating of the building: 1360-1420.

Applicant: Morella Town Hall.

Reason for the award :

For the recovery of the historical image of the municipality, through the restoration of the main medieval buildings, an excellent example of civil Gothic style North of Valencia.

The main civil buildings of Gothic origin in Morella have been restored as the municipal and judicial headquarters, restoring their original spatial distribution, and providing them with modern facilities.

More than two kilometers of walls and the castle made Morella known as Capitana del Maestrazgo. Its perimeter includes buildings of great historical value, among which the group formed by the old Casa del Comú, Lonja, and Court of Justice stands out. These are two large buildings with a square plan and Gothic origin, successively extended until the 17th century. In its exterior, of good ashlar masonry, the pointed arches, the very outstanding eaves, and the delicate tracery and crests that characterized the architecture of the 14th century are perfectly preserved. The passage of time deteriorated these buildings, especially due to the opening of spaces on the outside and an excessive spatial division.

The restoration awarded with the Europa Nostra award adapted the complex as the municipal and judicial headquarters, providing it with all the necessary modern facilities. The new spatial configuration allows once again the contemplation of the constructive ingenuity of the Gothic stonemasons.

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