Restoration of the chapel of the Condestables of the cathedral of Burgos

Dating of the building: 15th century.

Applicant: Metropolitan See of the Cathedral of Burgos.

Reason for the award :

For the delicate restoration of one of the jewels of Burgos Cathedral.

After the total restoration, which included its pantheon and altarpieces, the Chapel of the Constables, one of the best examples of Castilian flamboyant Gothic architecture, recovered all its splendor.

The Chapel of the Purification, also known as the Constables, is one of the jewels of Burgos Cathedral. The daughter of the Marquis of Santillana and wife of the Constable of Castile, Doña Mencía de Mendoza ordered the construction between 1482 and 1496. The construction was taken over by Simón de Colonia, appointed chief mason of the cathedral upon the death of his father Juan. The chapel is an excellent example of Castilian flamboyant Gothic, in which the splendid eight-pointed star-shaped vault is superb. It is a magnificent work of art with three-period altarpieces, the impressive pantheon of the Constables, original ashlars and grilles, and an organ from the Renaissance period. The list of artists who worked on it is equally significant, highlighting Gil and Diego de Siloé and Felipe Vigarny. The restoration works focused on cleaning and restructuring of altarpieces and iron work, reintegration of stone elements, and cleaning of the ashlar masonry.

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