Restoration of the city centre of Vitoria

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1982.

Dating of the building: 18th - 20th century.

Applicant: Vitoria City Council.

Reason for the award :

For the performance of ten exceptional projects in the centre of Vitoria coordinated by the City Council.

The restoration of the center of Vitoria shaped the modern capital of the Basque Country that included the reform of the Town Hall and the transformation of a school into the seat of the regional Parliament.

The Vitoria City Council with the support of the Ministry of Public Works carried out an exhaustive rehabilitation project for the city centre. Ten projects were developed that have transformed Vitoria into its modern state. Some range from the rehabilitation of the houses in the historic centre, to the restoration of the streets around Los Arquillos, through the refurbishing of the Plaza de Correos, the building of the Plaza de Los Fueros, or the pedestrianization of the Plaza de España. Of greater symbolic content was the total restoration of the City Hall and the conversion of a central school building into the seat of the Basque Parliament.

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