Restoration of the old Hospital Real de Granada

Granada, Granada, Andalucía.

Dating of the building: 16th - 17th century.

Applicant: Patronage of the University of Granada.

Reason for the award :

For the magnificent restoration carried out on the deteriorated monument, its rehabilitation and adaptation for university use.

The conversion of the old Royal Hospital of Granada into university headquarters has allowed the total conservation of its different architectural styles and spaces.

The Royal Hospital of Granada is together with that of Santiago de Compostela and Santa Cruz de Toledo, one of the three royal hospitals dating back to Catholic Monarchs. A construction period of several centuries gave rise to an eclectic building in flamboyant Gothic, Mudejar, Plateresque and Baroque styles. Three great Spanish Renaissance names were involved: Enrique Egas, Pedro Machuca, and Diego de Siloé.

As a result of the confiscation of Mendizábal, the hospital became dependent on the Provincial Council, turned into a madhouse and asylum. The immense quadrangle of sixty-nine metres long on each side, organized around elegant arcaded courtyards, changed its original use finally in 1961 when it was purchased by the Ministry of National Education. Restoration work began then that lasted more than twenty years. In 1971 the building became part of the university board of trustees and in 1978 the project for the creation of the current Rectorate, general services, and university library was drawn up. Thanks to the demolition of all the spurious buildings built within its walls, today the Royal Hospital of Granada stands on its own grounds surrounded by gardens.

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