Restoration of the old town hall in Puertollano

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1993.

Dating of the building: 1921-1923.

Applicant: Puertollano Town Hall.

Reason for the award :

For this exceptional contribution to the conservation and embellishment of cultural heritage.

The founding of a Workshop School in Puertollano stimulated the restoration of the old Town Hall, and its adaptation into a Municipal Museum.

With the 1873 discovery of a coal mine in the area, the town of Puertollano multiplied its population tenfold in fifty years. The reborn value of the town unleashed the construction of civil buildings of bourgeois character: Town Hall, Post Office, Grand Theatre, Bullring, and Casino. As of 1959, all of them were demolished except for the Town Hall, which was also abandoned in 1974 after constructing a modern one. The founding of the Workshop School in 1989 gave way to the restoration and rehabilitation of the old Town Hall into the Municipal Museum. Consequently, the school students were responsible for all the works, from the restitution of missing elements on the façade to forging and carpentry work.

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