Restoration of the Pazo Torre do Monte

Estramundi de Arriba (Padrón), La Coruña, Galicia.
Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 2001.

Dating of the building: 14th century.

Applicant: Luisa García Gil.

Reason for the award :

For the exquisite restoration of a 14th-century Pazo, using traditional techniques and forgotten trades, starting from the premise of respectful conservation.

The zeal of the architect who directed the work ensured that the construction of the tower’s roof was done without using a single screw, using the techniques of carpenters from centuries ago.

Located in Santa María de Iria de Padrón parish, the Pazo Torre de Monte is considered one of the most significant in the country. The verses of Rosalía de Castro were inspired by the building, and the original manuscript of Os dous de semper, by Castelao is kept there. With the acquisition of the property by the businessman José Manuel Cortizo, restoration works began under the premise of conscientiously respecting the original parameters of a manor house of these characteristics. The Pazo, whose origin dates back to the 14th century, consists of four parts from different periods, among which the main one stands out, with a rectangular floor plan, with a tower at the end, and a Baroque staircase with balusters.

The jury valued the traditional techniques implemented in the restoration of the Pazo, for which a carpenter’s workshop had to be set up on-site. An excellent example of this is the tower roof, 12 x 12.5 metres, made of wood with an assembly that does not have a single screw. Using techniques of yesteryear is also appreciated in the stonework. To the traditional wealth of this picturesque Pazo, we must add the avenue of centenary trees that lead to its entrance, the dovecote, the granary, San Miguel’s Chapel, the heraldry, and the fountains.

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