Restoration of the Romanesque church of San Cristobal

Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1999.

Dating of the building: 1145.

Applicant: Rectorate of the University of Salamanca.

Reason for the award :

For the restoration of one of the best examples of Romanesque from Salamanca's architectural heritage.

The state of ruin of the church San Cristóbal resulted in the collapse of the vault of the nave in 1985. After ten years of work, the temple, a clear example of Castilian Romanesque architecture, once again shines with all its light.

The Church of San Cristobal was founded in 1145 by the knights of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. It is a Romanesque temple with additions of later styles, with good ashlar masonry, a single nave, and characteristic corbels under the eaves. The church was converted into a school in the 1920s until it was abandoned fifty years later due to its state of ruin. The degradation of the temple reached its culminating moment with the collapse of the vault of the nave in 1985. It is then that the restoration works that were to last ten years begin. When they finished in 1994, the church had consolidated its structure, cleaned up its façade and sculptural elements, and a small necropolis had been discovered, the remains of which are shown today through safety glass.

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