Restored works in Jaca

Jaca, Huesca, Aragón.
Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1985.

Dating of the building: 11th - 19th century.

Applicant: Jaca Town Council.

Reason for the award :

For the magnificent restoration of the walls of the Citadel, and other works done to protect the historical heritage.

In Jaca, Europa Nostra awarded five major operations from periods separated by almost a thousand years of history.

Jaca has some significant monuments in the history and art of Spain, such as its Cathedral and Citadel. The City Council endorsed a restoration campaign for all of them, thus gaining the Europa Nostra award. The roof of the Cathedral, gem of the city, built in 1076 and paradigm of the first Spanish Romanesque style, were repaired.   Built during the time of Philip II, the castle of San Pedro or Ciudadela is the only complete urban fortress in Spanish territory, as well as a prototype of this style of defense structure. Here the effort focused on the preservation and maintenance of its moats, slopes, and watchtowers. Fort Rapitán, a 19th-century military building was converted into a Museum for Military Miniatures where antique magazines were put on display, while the old Tower of the Prison from the 15th century became the Headquarters of the Pyrenees Work Community. Renovations were also done on the 13th century wall and the bridge of Saint Michael, a passageway on the French Way to Santiago.

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