Romanesque North Plan

Aguilar de Campoo, Becerril del Carpio, Cezura, Perapertú, Revilla de Santullán, Ailanes, Castecías, Rebolledo de la Torre y otros, Burgos, Palencia, Castilla y León.
Medal/Award in the category Conservation in the year 2013.

Dating of the building: 11th - 15th century.

Applicant: Jesús Castillo Oli.

Reason for the award :

The Jury has considered the unusualness of the global intervention that a project of this nature implies, as it includes a whole set of forgotten churches, hermitages, and monasteries, as well as the model, followed to achieve the protection of cultural sites in this territory and revitalize the memory inherent to its cultural landscape, through the meticulous work of a multidisciplinary team.

More than 54 Romanesque religious buildings in the north of Palencia and Burgos have been restored for seven years, thanks to the North Romanesque Plan.

The “North Romanesque” Intervention Plan is a seven-year project that focuses on the restoration of 54 Romanesque churches, hermitages, and monasteries in the northern areas of Palencia and Burgos. This project is the result of an agreement signed by the Castile and Leon Regional Government, the Santa María la Real Foundation, and the Diocese of Palencia and Burgos. Its objective is to preserve the heritage and to lay the foundations for sustainable economic growth in these areas, following a philosophy of action for territorial development with people, cultural heritage, and the landscape as the principal assets.

The “North Romanesque” Intervention Plan has among its priorities the cultural and tourist management of the area that is being intervened. For this, innovative solutions have been sought that allow any user or visitor to enjoy the cultural heritage of the region with the greatest simplicity and quality. This Plan also includes communication, education, and awareness programmes, with various activities such as direct communication (conferences, awareness seminars, educational activities for children and young people), conventional media (press, web:, and specific publications. The programme has taken a qualitative leap in the conception of heritage. Monuments are no longer understood as isolated buildings or assets but as an integral part of a territory linked to a population. Under this philosophy, heritage becomes a considerably broad concept, a coordinated value chain, in which each of its links (study, management, restoration, preservation, and promotion) becomes important.

Romanesque Norte also represents a constant commitment to innovation. The Plan has been a pioneer in the use of new technologies both to guarantee the preventive preservation of heritage assets and to divulge them to its population. Not surprisingly, the slogan of the Romanesque Plan is “We intervene and we tell.”

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