The Andalusian Royal Hooks Club

Sevilla, Sevilla, Andalucía.

Applicant: The Andalusian Royal Hooks Club.

Reason for the award :

For its contribution to the conservation and dissemination of that peculiar heritage formed by coaches and horse carriages and, in a unique way, for the continuous work of training and transmission of the trades and knowledge that the conservation and management of this heritage require.

The Andalusian Royal Hooks Club has been, since its foundation in 1984, the great Spanish benchmark for horse-drawn carriage culture.

The Andalusian Royal Hooks Club is an association founded in 1984 that seeks to promote sports, and particularly the use of the horse carriage in its different sports, traditional, and leisure modalities. That same year, the club organized its first significant activities, the first Andalusian Exhibition of Coaches and Carriages, sponsored by the Seville City Council, and the first Exhibition of Hooks of the Seville Fair, which has been perpetuated since then. In 1992, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I, honorary president since 1987, granted the club the Royal title. Among the activities to promote the carriage, perhaps the Exhibition of Enganches on the traditional Sunday, Portico of the April Fair, in the bullring of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla stands out. It is one of the most relevant events of these characteristics worldwide. In these twenty-five years of dissemination and revitalization of horse carriage, the Real Club has also had pivotal participation in the Jerez Horse Show, the Complete Coupling Contest, the edition of the magazine El Enganche and the creation of the Carriage Museum, based in the old Convent of Los Remedios, an emblematic building in the city of Seville.

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