The Historical Heritage Foundation of Castile and Leon

Special mention / Diploma in the category Dedicated service in the year 2011.

Applicant: Historical Heritage of Castile and Leon Foundation.

Reason for the award :

For the extensive conservation and restoration work carried out in the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon, which has a cultural and natural heritage as abundant as it is diverse, and whose achievements have been awarded several times in the framework of these Awards of Cultural Heritage of the European Union / Europa Nostra.

The Historical Heritage of Castile and Leon Foundation has been involved in the restoration and conservation of more than two hundred buildings since its creation in 1997.

The Historical Heritage Foundation of Castile and Leon , a private non-profit organization, was established by the Castile and Leon Regional Government and the Savings Banks of the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon in 1997. Its headquarters are in Valladolid, in the building called Casa Luelmo, from where its work spreads throughout the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon. Its founding objectives are to contribute to getting to know, conserving, restoring, and disseminating the cultural heritage of Castile and Leon to the benefit of society, for which all kinds of initiatives and activities are part of its field of action. During its existence, it has invested close to 70 million euros developing more than 200 interventions for the rehabilitation of real estate (temples, chapels, facades, cloisters, castles, walls, etc.) and furniture (altarpieces, organs, tombs, carvings, canvases, mural paintings, etc.), archaeological excavations, creation of interpretative centres, musealizations, and enhancement.

Added to this without doubt is the intense activity in cultural dissemination, with almost 3,000 members of the Friends of Heritage Card and 250 collaborating entities. In the field of dissemination, activities such as the edition of the magazine Patrimonio or the collection of monographs Cuadernos de Restauración stand out; holding exhibitions and competitions such as The Nine Secrets, aimed at schoolchildren, or the Heritage of Journalism award; the series of concerts Las Piedras Cantan, among many other activities. In addition to organizing a series of conferences, symposia, and congresses, the Foundation has developed an active research scholarship programme for university graduates. The Heritage Foundation has, therefore, turned out to be a patronage model in which public and private entities have joined forces to achieve a shared goal of conservation and dissemination of the Castilian and Leonese heritage. Since December 2014, the Castilla y León Historical Heritage Foundation has been integrated through its merger with the Santa María la Real Foundation-Romanesque Studies Centre into a new entity called the Santa María la Real Historical Heritage Foundation.

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