Tourist and cultural pedestrian area of the Paseo del Prado-Bailén

Dating of the building: 17th - 20th century.

Applicant: Madrid Housing Delegate Council - Municipal Housing Company.

Reason for the award :

For the transcendental urban initiative that has created and improved a pedestrian zone, connecting some of the most characteristic points of the city centre and along which influential literary figures are engraved.

The most visible contribution of this project is the fragments of immortal Spanish literary works, engraved in gold letters on the pavement of Huertas Street.

The signing of an agreement between the City Council, the Community of Madrid, and the Ministry of Public Works launched a restoration process that won the Europa Nostra award. The objective was the recovery of the tourist and cultural pedestrian axis of Paseo del Prado – Bailén. The pedestrianization of Huertas Street was the first step, with a view to connecting the Paseo del Prado and the museums in this area with the Plaza de Oriente, where the Almudena and the Royal Palace are located. The works focused on the pedestrianization and complete redevelopment of the streets, intending to discourage passing traffic. The most visible contribution consists of commemorative plaques installed on the pavement highlighting the achievements of Spain’s most relevant literary figures.

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