Valencia in memory. Shelters from the Spanish Civil War

Massarrojos y Valencia, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana.
Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 2021.

Dating of the building: 20th century.

Applicant: Marta García Pastor, Historical and Artistic Heritage Service, Valencia City Council.

Reason for the award :

The recovery of the Valencia refuges has received a Special Mention from the jury for its "outstanding contribution" to the conservation and enhancement of Europe's cultural heritage; the jury recognizes the "inspiring character" that the enhancement of the Civil War shelters can have.

Valencia in memory is a unique case of restoration of three contemporary buildings dedicated to the same utility but with different architectural solutions.

During the three years of the Spanish Civil War, the city of Valencia was bombed for 237 days by the Italian and German navy and aviation. To safeguard the civilian population from the bombings, more than 300 public and private shelters were planned, albeit the vast majority were built by the Passive Defense Board, under the Ministry of Defense.

The first objective of the project has been the restoration of three of these shelters, of special architectural, artistic, cultural, and social interest. The second goal is to make known a little-known or forgotten past in the history of the city. The three shelters, very different in terms of construction typology, dimensions, and volume, had acquired new uses since the end of the war, with the consequent deterioration. The restoration has brought to light the original interior cladding and other elements such as the entrances, stairs, benches, and ventilation ducts. The project has included the musealization of the spaces, open to guided visits, and prepared to host cultural events.

Route “Valencia en la memoria”.

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