Various restoration works in Soto de Luiña

Soto de Luiña (Cudillero), Asturias, Principado de Asturias.
Special mention / Diploma in the category Conservation in the year 1987.

Dating of the building: 18th - 19th century.

Applicant: Parish, Archbishopric, Soto de Luiña Town Hall.

Reason for the award :

For the work of recovering such a significant heritage and the defense of the historical-artistic heritage of Soto de Luiña.

The restoration of the hospital for pilgrims and the church of Santa María was partially paid for by donations from the residents of this small town with a population of under a thousand inhabitants.

Soto de Luiña is a small town in the municipality of Cudillero in the middle of the Camino de Santiago route. For this reason, a pilgrims’ hospital was built in it with the corresponding annexed church. This hospital, built in the 18th century, reflecting the model of an Asturian rural noble house, is one of the few examples of architecture of this type preserved in the Principality.

The poor condition of the complex forced the Town Hall and neighbours to raise funds to regain its original glory. Consequently, both buildings were completely restored. In the church of Santa María, many different works were undertaken: changing the roof, cleaning the stonework, the restoration of the porticoes, the main altar, and the documentary heritage. In the hospital, currently used as a rectory and culture house, the roof, which had collapsed, had to be partially restored.

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