“We are all archeology”

Córdoba, Córdoba, Andalucía.

Applicant: Desiderio Vaquerizo Gil, University of Cordoba.

Reason for the award :

For the exceptional contribution to the conservation, improvement, and dissemination of archaeological heritage.

At the birth of the Sisyphus Research Group, the impression prevailed that Cordoba’s heritage had never been sufficiently valued by the population of Cordoba.

“We are all archeology” is a project created in early 2011 at the University of Cordoba, in the Sisyphus Research Group. Its objective is to explain and disseminate the immense archaeological wealth of Cordoba, as well as to promote the economic and social resources that this generates. In the last two decades, Sisyphus has made a decisive contribution to the study, protection, and conservation of the exceptional heritage of one of the oldest cities in Europe, with more than 5000 years of history. At the creation of the Research Group, the impression prevailed that said heritage had never been sufficiently valued by society in Cordoba. In 2011 this problem took a positive turn with the launch of the scientific culture project “We are all archeology” which has reaped very positive results and prominent social support, combining public and private synergies for the first time in Cordoba in favour of its archeology.

The project, dynamic and focused on the long term, aspires to convey the true importance of proper management, dissemination, and profitability of urban archaeological heritage. It has a multidisciplinary team and complete programmes of activities open to society and adapted didactically and technologically to different educational levels and ages. Thanks to this, thousands of citizens and visitors have already achieved rigorous and accessible connection with the material remains of the past and begin to perceive their heritage as a sustainable, socially, and economically profitable cultural resource. Among the various actions undertaken, we can highlight conferences and informative talks, archaeological tours through the city and its surroundings, trips, educational workshops, exhibitions, photography contests, and archaeological essays, video games, interactive maps, and innovative and public access web tools.

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